MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has been manufacturing a variety of different types of telecom towers for different needs. Throughout its experience for decades, MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has a huge database of different tower families that comply with almost all types of customer demands.

The huge tower database of MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. allows more accurate approaches to customer specifications with almost tailor-fit solutions and brings the advantages of saving time and money by avoiding any new design and prototyping process.

The standard greenfield towers are mostly freestanding lattice structures with either 3-legs or 4-legs. Also MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has standard guyed tower/mast solutions in its database.

Structural designs are made according to the most recent American & European (EIA, EN) standards. Designs according to other standards are also available upon request.

The materials comply with the requirements of European Norm (EN 10025). Bolt class 8.8 is used for all connections. All steel materials are protected by hot-dip galvanising in accordance with ASTM 123, EN ISO 1461 or other relevant codes.

MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. supplies tower body, foundation set (stub type or anchorage bolts & setting templates), climbing ladder, horizontal and vertical  cable trays and other tower accessories.