MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. supplies tailor-made solutions for different needs depending on customer requests besides its standard towers. Some custom designed tower types are;

Guyed Towers
Guyed towers mostly require tailor-made solutions. According to loading requirements, towers are designed as modules. These structures are supported with a set of steel guyed wires of high strength steel. MTS-MitasTelecom Systems Inc. provides turnkey design solutions for all types of guyed towers.

Radar Towers
MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. has been designing and manufacturing radar towers for the Military, Meteorology and Civil Aviation Industries for decades. The deflection limits on these types of structures are very low due to the working ability of the radar system and the loads on the tower structure are relatively higher. The engineering of these type of towers needs experience and care.

MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems Inc. design group is well experienced on such type of radar tower designs and provides the most economical and safe solutions.