MITAS Energy and Metal Construction Inc. was established in 1955 in Ankara. The main activity fields of MITAS cover design, production and galvanized coating of steel towers, poles and their accessories for energy, telecommunication and lighting industry.

Through years of focused and dedicated improvement, MITAS has established itself as the leader in this sector, exporting its products and services to more then 136 countries in 6 continents..

Telecom activities has been performed under MITAS Energy and Metal Construction Inc for many years. Later in 2007, a Telecom Dvision was established as a seperate Profit Center under MITAS Energy and Metal Construction Inc.

As of January 2010, Telecom Division has positioned as a seperate and Independent Company named as MTS- Mitas Telecom Systems Inc.

In the framework of industry and university collaboration, MTS-Mitas Telecom Systems R&D Department is serving in METU Technopolis Campus. Beside the R&D studies, they are also making the design of tailor-made towers compliant to customer requirements by using PLS Tower, SAP 2000, X-Steel-3D, PLS Pole and AutoCAD softwares in accordance with international standards such as TIA/EIA-222-F and TIA/EIA-222-G  and Eurocode

MTS offers a wide range of products for different purposes. These products are diversified as following;

  • Square cross sectional lattice towers (4 legs)
  • Triangular tubular lattice towers
  • Triangular angular lattice towers (60 degree angular legs)
  • Guyed lattice towers
  • Rooftop poles and lattice towers
  • Various radar, broadcast, TV-FM, meteorology and observation towers
  • Special type wind turbine towers

MTS supplies below listed accessories along with the towers;

  • Aircraft warning light systems
  • Climbing Ladders
  • Safety Climb Systems
  • Lightning and grounding kits
  • Horizontal and vertical feeder racks
  • Ice shields
  • Antenna Supports
  • Work/Rest platforms
  • Paint material

Like the other companies of Mitas Group, MTS is also performing as compatible with sustainable and efficient working principles by using SAP which is one of the worldwide known Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) software